John Seivwright - The Mannie on the Trannie

John Seivwright

A loon fae Arradoul, joined The Gordon Highlanders @ Fort George 8th Jan 1962 HBJSW aged 15yrs - niver been north of Elgin.

Reached the rank of WO2 in the Gordon Highlanders - de-mobbed 7th Sept 1988.

11yrs with CIS Insurance, 8yrs as Civil Servant with MoD - retired Feb 2009.

Growen aul, marrit wi the same wifie since 1966, bade year - England won the World Cup. 3 Dothers cost mi a fortune, Eicht Grandgeets cost mi mare siller, bit I loo them dearly...

                    I listen tae my Granpa,
                    Mi Granpa maks mi laff.
                    But dinna tell mi Granny,
                    She'll mak mi switch him aff.....

                                        by Alix Goodall

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