Programmes for :-                

12:00 amNight Time to Breakfast Time
10:00 amThe Week in HolyroodCharles FletcherCaledonia Media
11:00 amThe Musical BoxEddie StuartUnsigned, Unknown, or Just Deserving Airplay
1:00 pmThe Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic MusicDon ChisholmMusic for Grown Ups
3:00 pmThe KCR Jukebox
6:00 pmThe Voice of ReasonDouglas Coutts
7:00 pmEilidh
7:30 pmLucky DipBill Cruickshank
8:00 pmThe Gospel HourJohn Sandison
9:00 pmLivewire Interview
9:30 pmThe Country Calendar Country KitchenKathryn Morrison
10:00 pmBob YoungNight Time Music
11:00 pmNight Time to Breakfast Time