Programmes for :-                

12:00 amNight Time to Breakfast Time
10:00 amThe Week In HolyroodCaledonia MediaOur weekly political roundup
11:00 amThe Saturday Ceilidh on KCR
12:00 pmNeil Diamond SpecialEddie Stuart
12:30 pmThe Country Calendar Country KitchenKathryn Morrison
1:00 pmThe Gospel HourJohn Sandison
2:00 pmThe History of Pirate Radio (Part 8) The Nineties
3:00 pmThe KCR Jukebox
6:00 pmThe Voice Of ReasonDouglas Coutts
7:00 pmEilidhwith her fiendish riddle!!
7:30 pmThe Mike Ogg Show...including Eight from Eight
9:00 pmRock AwayDon ChisholmThe Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music
11:00 pmNight Time to Breakfast Time