KCR Show Playlist - The Musical Box

The Musical Box - Unsigned, Unknown, or Just Deserving Airplay!
with Eddie Stuart
Show Playlist - Tue 9th Jan - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

TimeTrackArtist Album
9:03 pmJanuary Blues KCR Station IDThe Lights0:06KCR Station ID
9:03 pmJanuary BluesThe Lights3:00
9:08 pmBoarded The TrainWalter Miller4:51Boarded The Train
9:12 pmListening To The Musical Box {Nov 2017}Insert JacquiM0:07KCR Insert
9:13 pmLostGroup Therapy2:53Ep
9:17 pmGotta Serve SomebodyAxelle Red5:23Sisters & Empathy {disc 2}
9:22 pmBanffshire HeraldSponsor0:06KCR Sponsor
9:22 pmShadowElle Jay2:43Lucky One
9:27 pmHelen Of Kirkconnel {KCR Acoustic}Rachel Carstairs2:35KCR Acoustic 11-11-2017
9:30 pm100% Single Malt Radio {Nov 2017}Insert DonC0:06KCR Insert
9:30 pmTake Me Out Drinking {Unmastered}Iona Fyfe4:13Away From My Window {Unmastered}
9:35 pmJohn's Jaunt Aug 2017Trail JohnC0:22KCR Trail
9:36 pmPick Yourself UpGordon James & The Power4:09Gordon James & The Power EP
9:41 pmStayThe Lights3:11
9:44 pmKCR Station ID New Album "In The Movies"Southern Halo0:05KCR Station ID
9:44 pmJust Like In The MoviesSouthern Halo3:11Just Like In The Movies
9:49 pmBare Necessities {KCR Acoustic}Gordon James & The Power2:19KCR Acoustic 19-12-2017
9:53 pmThe Banks Of Inverurie {Unmastered}Iona Fyfe5:29Away From My Window {Unmastered}
9:58 pmMusical Box Next Favourite Song {Nov 2017}Insert DonC0:07KCR Insert
9:58 pmGoing Home {Theme From Local Hero}Dire Straits4:59The Best Of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler: Private Investigations
10:03 pmThe Band From RockallCalum & Rory Macdonald5:05The Band From Rockall
10:11 pmSentimentalLuci Cahn4:07Inside Out
10:15 pmThe Mike Ogg Show V01 Nov2017Trail MikeO0:16KCR Trail
10:15 pmRock Roots Sun Pm Nov 2017Trail DonC0:21KCR Trail
10:16 pmMostly WaterThe Lights3:40Teenager Of The Century
10:22 pmHelp!Gordon James & The Power3:34Gordon James & The Power EP
10:26 pmKCR Station ID Across Moray & BeyondSouthern Halo0:09KCR Station ID
10:26 pmI Don't Wanna Move OnSouthern Halo4:09Southern Halo
10:32 pmOn The Banks Of The Tigris {KCR Acoustic}Iona Fyfe3:32KCR Acoustic 28-12-2017
10:36 pmHaud 'er Gaun Aug 2017Trail JohnS0:22KCR Trail
10:36 pmGuise O' Tough {Unmastered}Iona Fyfe5:21Away From My Window {Unmastered}
10:43 pmDaring DarkThe Markus Band3:45Going Home
10:47 pmMusical Box Heart Of New Music {Nov 2017}Insert DonC0:06KCR Insert
10:47 pmHold MeThe Markus Band4:57Magic Garden
10:52 pmBanffshire Advertiser {2017-10-25}Sponsor0:08KCR Sponsor
10:52 pmWhite RoomThe Markus Band4:51New Jersey Exile
10:58 pmCatch The WindDonnie Munro3:59On The West Side

NB:- Only digital tracks played from the KCR Music Library are shown here - not CDs etc. played.