KCR Show Playlist - The Musical Box

The Musical Box - Unsigned, Unknown, or Just Deserving Airplay!
with Eddie Stuart
Show Playlist - Tue 10th Jul - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

TimeTrackArtist Album
9:00 pmThe Musical BoxTheme2:30KCR Show Theme
9:02 pmWhat We Do For LoveCarrie Cunningham3:40The Way You Look At Me
9:08 pmYou Got The BluesDave Hole4:42Ticket To Chicago
9:13 pmVanish Into The NightKate Russell3:30SIngle
9:17 pmListening To The Musical Box {Nov 2017}Insert JacquiM0:07KCR Insert
9:17 pmCottonfieldsHerrick2:32Cottonfields
9:23 pmFreight TrainAdam Fisher3:23Freight Train
9:26 pmFreight TrainBlue Moon Rising2:43One Lonely Shadow
9:30 pmHonky Tonk Train BluesJoe Loss2:56Golden Oldies 1939-1945 (WW2)
9:34 pmTheMusicalBox With ES [Edit]SylviaH0:06KCR Show ID
9:35 pmRothes Gardens July 2018Community Announcement1:00KCR Community Announcement
9:36 pmKCR Smart Speaker PromoKCR 107.7FM0:25KCR Insert
9:36 pmI Am The TrainGeorge Inglis3:20I Am The Train
9:43 pmDieselHamish Napier3:31The Railway
9:47 pmInner SanctuaryRoss Ainslie5:06Sanctuary V3
9:52 pm100% Single Malt Radio {Nov 2017}Insert JacquiM0:06KCR Insert
9:52 pmThe WhirlpoolHamish Napier2:38The River
9:56 pmPrincess RosannaTop Floor Taivers4:24A Delicate Game
10:02 pmDouble-HeaderHamish Napier2:50The Railway
10:06 pmGranny's Kist W.KCR ID Nov2017Trail KM Etc0:19KCR Trail
10:07 pmJohn's Jaunt Aug 2017Trail JohnC0:22KCR Trail
10:08 pmHaud 'er Gaun Aug 2017Trail JohnS0:22KCR Trail
10:08 pmBorderlandWire And Wool5:34Wire And Wool
10:14 pmKCR Smart Speaker PromoKCR 107.7FM0:25KCR Insert
10:14 pmRothes Gardens July 2018Community Announcement1:00KCR Community Announcement
10:15 pmI Still Taste Your LoveCarrie Cunningham3:54Secrets
10:19 pmBanffshire Advertiser {2017-10-25}Sponsor0:08KCR Sponsor
10:19 pmHurt Like HeatHerrick3:24Cottonfields
10:28 pmThese Blues Are Here To StayDave Hole6:21Goin' Back Down
10:35 pmChisholm's 40th Anniversary ShowTrail DonC0:46KCR Trail
10:37 pmOne Way TrainJohny Corrigan5:11Down The Line
10:42 pmKCR Grown Up RadioInsert MikeO0:04KCR Insert
10:42 pmTrainsongAndrea Von Kampen2:38Another Day
10:45 pmNorthern Scot {2015_04_19}Sponsor0:09KCR Sponsor
10:45 pmThe Original, Original Honky Tonk Night Train BluesJulie Covington2:52The Beautiful Changes
10:50 pmHappilyCarrie Cunningham2:14Let's Dance
10:52 pmTrainDundurara4:08Train
10:56 pmFreedom LoveHerrick3:13Cottonfields

NB:- Only digital tracks played from the KCR Music Library are shown here - not CDs etc. played.