KCR Show Playlist - The Best of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music

The Best of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music - Music for Grown Ups
with Don Chisholm
Show Playlist - Sun 7th Jan - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

TimeTrackArtist Album
9:00 pmStan IntroStanley Unwin0:03
9:00 pmWon't Get Fooled AgainThe Who8:31Who's Next
9:09 pmBest Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic MusicTom Gray (Delta Moon)0:07KCR Show ID
9:09 pmCan't Get Next To YouJess Roden Band7:00Play It Dirty Play It Class
9:18 pmMy Heart Aches For YouHurricane Ruth6:31Ain't Ready For The Grave
9:24 pmTaylor's Of Keith Dec 2017Advert0:41KCR Advert
9:25 pmListening To Rock, Roots & Acoustic V2Insert Jacqui Millar0:08KCR Insert
9:25 pmYear Of The CatAl Stewart6:37Year Of The Cat
9:33 pmGreen Grass & High TidesOutlaws9:47Outlaws
9:43 pmTupelo HoneyVan Morrison6:53Tupelo Honey
9:50 pmBanffshire Advertiser {2017-10-25}Sponsor0:08KCR Sponsor
9:50 pmBRRAM Dry (Anon)KellyZ0:10KCR Show ID
9:50 pmYou Can't Say ThatHoney Ryder6:19Marley's Chains
9:58 pmHuman TouchBruce Springsteen6:27Human Touch
10:04 pmBest Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music IDJim Gustin0:07KCR Show ID
10:04 pmThe Life I ChoseWalter Trout & The Radicals6:07Relentless
10:11 pmDave's PicksDave Carson0:22KCR Catchup
10:11 pmDave's PicksDave Carson0:10KCR Catchup
10:12 pmDave's PicksDave Carson0:04KCR Catchup
10:12 pmDave's PicksDave Carson0:04KCR Catchup
10:12 pmPretty Good For A Girl {feat Joe Bonamassa}Mindi Abair And The Boneshakers7:06The EastWest Sessions
10:19 pmBRRAM-DC-KCR {Full}Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers0:23KCR Show ID
10:19 pmStairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin8:03Led Zeppelin IV
10:30 pmUp On The GroundQuatermass7:11Quatermass
10:37 pmNorthern Scot {2015_04_19}Sponsor0:09KCR Sponsor
10:37 pmIn Car, Shed, Bath, Bed Listen To KCR 107.7Insert MikeO0:05KCR Insert
10:37 pmI'm So AfraidFleetwood Mac7:44The Dance
10:45 pmHistory MakerDelirious?6:37King Of Fools
10:52 pmSomething Blue Nov2017Trail DavidS0:19KCR Trail
10:52 pmJessicaThe Allman Brothers Band7:30500 Great Rock And Roll Songs

NB:- Only digital tracks played from the KCR Music Library are shown here - not CDs etc. played.