KCR Show Playlist - Classical Moods

Classical Moods
with Alan Nairn
Show Playlist - Tue 19th May - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

TimeTrackArtist Album
8:00 pmClassical Moods 19-05-2020Alan Nairn58:39KCR Moods
8:58 pmTrail Caledonia Media Stay HereTrail0:25The Week In Holyrood
8:59 pmMoray MIUs Closed From 14-04-2020Community Announcement0:38KCR Community
8:59 pmKCR 107.7 FM Liner V2Insert Jacqui Millar0:08KCR Insert
8:59 pmThe Musical Box Intro 19-05-2020Eddie Stuart12:00KCR MBox

NB:- Only digital tracks played from the KCR Music Library are shown here - not CDs etc. played.