KCR Show Playlist - This And That

This And That
with Jozef Gerrie
Show Playlist - Wed 4th Sep - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

TimeTrackArtist Album
8:00 pmThis & That 04-09-2019Jozef Gerrie50:47KCR This N That
8:51 pmThe Week In Holyrood May 2018Trail0:41KCR Trail
8:52 pmLiberty LaneStatus Quo3:37Backbone
8:55 pmRothes Flower Show Sept 2019Community Announcement0:57Community Announcement
8:56 pmJohn's JauntTheme0:31KCR Show Theme
8:57 pmSmiling At The Croft {KCR Acoustic}Tom Houston3:01KCR Acoustic 29-09-2018

NB:- Only digital tracks played from the KCR Music Library are shown here - not CDs etc. played.